If you've been suffering from a chronic pain, Beverly is the answer. I had been suffering from a terrible shoulder and knee pain for a long time due to surgeries and athletic injuries. When I did my first MFR session with Beverly it was like a miracle. Honestly for the first time I was able to regain full rotational motion on my shoulder and after just a few more sessions she helped me regain my confidence and I am back doing what I used to do. I am so grateful to Beverly for helping me change my life. I was so depressed before. I thought I would never be able to do my karate again but thanks to her I am in top shape again and back into teaching. Thank you and God bless Beverly.

Male, age 53, Filmmaker/Coach

Prior to seeing Beverly, during the summer of my senior year, I had constant back, neck, and shoulder pain. I was a competitive athlete in many sports and because of my excruciating pain, I had to quit every one. I was in despair because I had so many ailments at such a young age. After only a month of seeing Bev the terrible aching in my shoulders was gone & I was able to do household tasks once more. I have seen Bev sporadically throughout the past year and I am now able to participate in the sports I once did & feel better than ever!

Female, age 17, Student/Athlete

When I first came to see Beverly for treatment, my life revolved around my chronic pain. My days were mostly spent at home because of the pain. I began seeing her on a weekly basis, and emotional support that she showed was like nothing else I had experienced. I had seen many medical experts who were not able to decrease my pain levels at all. I also used to get weekly massages that usually left my muscles very sore afterward. Beverly was able to loosen my muscles and fascia without any increase in pain levels, and after a few weeks my pain levels began to decrease for the first time in my life. Each week I began to feel better and stronger. I sincerely can't say enough about Beverly and recommend her to anyone seeking relief from sore muscles or chronic pain. Today, my days are full. I have a toddler, I am 8 months pregnant, and my chronic pain is low enough where it doesn't dictate my life. I still see Beverly when I have the occasional flair up, and she never fails to encourage me with hope and kindness. I look forward to leading a pain-free life and one filled with hope for a promising future.

Female, age 32, Mom

Beverly Quintero has changed my life. Not only has she shifted physical pain away, the MFR healing massage is an emotional exorcism and life altering process which allowed me to do the work to access deep subconscious painful Feelings and release them. I'm 51 years old and a film director. Energy and creativity and feeling are my tools in trade. Beverly allows me to Access those and does it with respect and dignity. I can't recommend her or her work/craft/gift any more highly

Male, age 51, Film Director

Beverly is a true healer. She has helped alleviate so much physical pain. She helped me when I was bed-ridden as a result of Crohn's disease. My body was so tight from being seized up in pain constantly. I had other massages but felt no lasting relief. After each session with Beverly, the relief lasted and I found that I had less pain every time I saw her. Now, I am fully recovered from Crohn's disease, but still use Beverly often. I am a professional harpist, and whenever I find that I am not playing at full capacity a session with Beverly sets me right. She is always able to locate the source(s) of tension and releases the tightness in one session!

Female, age 26, Harpist

I'm 49 years old and have had major hip and back pain for 10 years. I was diagnosed with needing total hip replacements 3 years ago. It's scary because I'm too young and the doctor said I will most likely need 3 replacements on each side over my lifetime. I decided to be conservative and do everything I can to reduce the pain and wait as long as possible to have the first replacements. On my healing journey I found Bev and MFR. I was already 50% better when I started the treatments but wasn't satisfied with the continuous pain. It's been a long journey but I'm very happy with the results of working with Bev and what MFR has done for me. My pain is gone at times! I got my normal gait back. I'm able to climb stairs like a normal person instead of a 100 year old. It's amazing and I can't thank Bev enough. She's a wonderful person who really cares about helping people get well. I keep teasing her about working herself out of a job. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Bev!!

Female, age 49, Real Estate Investor

I had a bad accident when I was 16 years old and just found out recently that at that time I had fractured two vertebras. As the years passed, I began having a lot of issues with my back, shoulders, and neck. At the age of 50 I went to work for an airlines at a small airport where I lifted heavy bags. Eventually my back got so bad I was hardly able to walk, couldn't stand for very long, and had gotten so I couldn't turn my neck. Driving became almost impossible and eventually I was disabled from my job and my quality of life was slowly slipping away from me. I doctored and doctored. I did physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, biofeedback, and drug therapy. Nothing seemed to help. I was so sick of doctors and therapies, and so sad about my quality of life. My niece told me I should try myofascial release therapy and I decided I had nothing more to lose. When visiting in California I contacted Beverly Quintero and she gave me my life back. Bev worked diligently, sometimes 2-3 hours at a time, 2-3 times a week. She gave me exercises and recommended treatment aids: tennis balls, soft balls, rollers, whatever might help me. After each treatment I knew I felt better. It didn't happen overnight, but a miracle did happen. I can turn my neck, drive, walk 4 miles a day, ride my bike, and I do most anything I want. I even completed 90 days of P90X at age 63. I am now 65 and enjoy retirement to its fullest. I continue to see Bev whenever I am in California and owe my quality of life to her and myofascial release therapy. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend her.

Female, age 65, Retired

As a 93 year old female and upon recommendation from my daughter who is also a client of Bev's, I have received 2 MFR treatments from Bev. As an avid walker, I found the MFR therapy most beneficial as Bev not only relieved the pain in my lower back and hands from arthritis, but a long term issue with my knee that was turning in when I walked. Bev works with you and your needs and also provides you with tools so you can self treat at home. If traditional chiropractic treatments and massage therapy are not working for you, I would recommend to anyone to try MFR as it is not only painless, but relaxing.

Female, age 93, Retired

I have been seeing Bev for about 2 years and during this time I have probably had a total of 5 MFR sessions with her. As a student, I had been carrying around a heavy load of books in my book bag and thought I was being careful to balance the load until one morning, I could not get out of bed. I went to see my chiropractor for a series of treatments, but I still was left with residual back pain. A friend recommended that I make an appointment with Bev. My first appointment lasted about 2 hours, but 2 days later, I was relieved of the pain not only in my back, but my hips, knees and groin. What I like about Bev and what I respect most about her besides her ability to realign my body, she gives you tools so you can apply forms of MFR at home. Bev is not trying to book the next appointment with you or trying to sell you a package of appointments. Bev deeply cares about her clients and relieving their ailments, not relieving them of their money.

Female, age 52, Student

At my daughter's gentle recommendation, I finally went to see Bev several months after a car accident. I had been going to the chiropractor for adjustments and also getting massage therapy at the chiropractor's office. But I really only received lasting help when I began experiencing Bev's treatments. I have witnessed her dedication to helping people who are in pain. She is extraordinarily giving of her time and her expertise. I'm always happy to recommend Bev as a tried and true resource in helping the body return to normal.

Female, age 62, Apartment Manager

Antes de conocer a Beverly, iba 2 veces por semana a hacerme masajes. Tenìa dolores de cervical y espalda cuando me recomendaron el masaje Myofascial, no tenìa muchas esperanzas, lo tomè como un masaje màs. Pero despuès de la secciòn, algo habìa pasado. Me relajè y al mismo tiempo los dolores desaparecieron. Me siento muy feliz de haber conocido a Beverly, ya que ella hace los masajes con excelencia y su intenciòn es que siempre me sientas mejor. Gracias Beverly.

Before I met Beverly I got a massage twice a week to seek relief for back and cervical pain. When someone recommended Myofascial release I didn't have high hopes for pain relief, I thought it would be just another form of massage. Yet after the Myofascial session, something did indeed happen. I relaxed and my pain went away. I'm happy to have met Beverly because of her excellent skills when massaging me and because it is her intent to have me feel better. Thank you Beverly

Female, age 38, Mom

The MFR has helped me tremendously with my back and my leg pain. I am able to move around much better and also sleep much better, I have and would recommend this to all my friends and colleagues.

Male, age 79, Insurance Broker

Around fall of 2009 I was at near worst in terms of back and musculoskeletal pain. I'd been suffering for years due to what the physical therapists were telling me were structural problems that I just had to "manage" and were expected to get worse with age. I figured I'd be stuck that way for years to come and was at my wit's end. Then I met Beverly Quintero. She is the kindest and most selfless health care practitioner I've ever known. It's not just her touch and her almost intuitive knowledge of muscular restriction that bodes well for the client, but her personality. She is very sweet, considerate and will put you completely at ease. The results are consistent and what's more, she's always looking out for any other modes of therapy that may help you as an individual. Within weeks of seeing her I felt much looser and was able to do so much more around the house. I learned exercises and stretches that worked better for me than those that had been prescribed by an array of physical therapists and I regained a lot of mobility. When my pain began to progress again years later, it was Beverly who put me touch with another client of hers who'd suffered similar aches to mine. Through that exchange of information, I found something that ultimately healed me, mind and body. And I came to understand why Bev's particular brand of myofascial release was so effective in relieving my musculoskeletal tension, and connecting the dots was very illuminating. It's amazing. I know that I would not be able to do any of the things I can do today - like dance, sit, lift things, drive a car - if it weren't for Bev. She was there when conventional health care and alternative variants failed me. I highly recommend her to any sufferers of chronic pain.

Female, age 24, Student

I had been to many massage therapists before I had my first Myofascial Release Therapy session with Beverly. I had never experienced such healing in the past along with the personal care Beverly gives you. Her goal is truly to help you heal from past and current ailments. She will not stop until she helps you find the release to alleviate your pain. I had never met such a genuinely good down to earth person that truly wants to help you heal. My sales job is very demanding since I'm always on the go. The therapy has also helped me immensely get rid of stress so I can function like a 20 year old instead like a 47 year old.

Male, age 47, Salesrep

I have been seeing Beverly for quite a few years. Now I see her to make sure that I am still able to keep working. When I was younger I broke my neck in an accident. I have a lot of back trouble. I have been laid flat on the floor, missed work and gone to the emergency room because I couldn’t even move. I have had injections, physical therapy and have taken medications. Since I was introduced to Beverly, I have been working, quit taking so much medication and have had no injections. With her help, I haven’t been in so much pain. She has relieved a lot of the issues that I had. I have had two surgeries on the same shoulder. She has helped me with the shoulder as well. I would highly recommend Beverly. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would be working at the present time. She has also taken extra classes to improve on what she already knows and to keep up on what new things arise in massage therapy.

Male, age 65, Painter

I first heard about MFR when my friend suggested it to me after I got into a car accident. I had been rear ended and most of the impact hit my lower back. After seeing Beverly for the first time, I started to feel much better. She helped my extremely stiff back begin to relax and I could feel the pain decreasing after just one session. Beverly also gave me a rubber ball to use at home or at work to continue treating my problem areas and that helped speed up my recovery. I woke up one day with a stiff, sore neck but after using the ball, I was fine again after 2 days. I had a coworker who had the same problem and it took a week or two for her to recover from it. I can tell that MFR works a lot faster in lessening my pain areas and relaxing my muscles. Even though my pain is all gone now, I think it's still good to go see Beverly just for maintenance. If anyone has pain, I would strongly recommend MFR. It really works!

Female, age 41, Laboratory Research Associate

I am a former architectural artist. Before fibromyalgia, I worked on scaffolding and ladders, painting murals and stenciling on ceilings and walls. After an overuse injury to my shoulders, I developed fibromyalgia allover my body. I was barely able to walk, had difficulty raising my arms above my shoulders, and was stiff and aching in every muscle. My range of motion became severely limited and walking was painful and slow. After working with the recommended treatments from several physicians (keep moving and Tylenol) with not much change in my condition, I began looking into alternative treatments. I tried acupuncture and found it very helpful for pain reduction and stiffness with some range of motion increase. My acupuncturist suggested that I try John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy also, in order to gain more range of motion and even less stiffness. MFR Therapy has proven to be the only helpful treatment for regaining my complete range of motion. I look forward to sessions now because I know how much better I will be able to move afterwards. The gains that I have made with MFR are permanent. I can now lift my arms straight up over my head. I can walk with far less stiffness. I'm getting back to my life and the activities I choose. I am now treating with Beverly Quintero, my second MFR therapist. Beverly is extremely skilled, positive and caring. She will come out to my home, a big benefit for me since driving can create pain in my knee. Her treatments are as long as needed so I always feel completely done at the end. Beverly is helping me recover from the fibromyalgia symptoms and improving my life. I am so grateful for her and John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy. I recommend Beverly's treatments and Barnes MFR without reserve.

Female, age 65, Retired